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Post by Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon

It was a delight to be a part of the second Cross-Cultural Network honoring Outstanding Russian Americans.  Sophya Tabarovski is a go getter. I remember her saying how big the Russian community is and that she would like to bring more attention to it, and in doing so hopefully help the Neil Armstrong, United In Space project.  Last night I attended the second honoree dinner, and I was delighted to listen to the music, see the dances and hear about the accomplishments of the individuals.

I’m excited about getting started on this project and hope that we will now go full force in raising the money needed for the bronze sculpture of Neil Armstrong to go to his long awaited home in Russia.

New Sculpture is underway

Since the last meeting of the committee of the Neil Armstrong sculpture they have decided to change the design. Instead of a flight suit we are looking at a space suit. This leaves me with the task of trying to find a model and a space suit. I need to take reference pictures. Anyone have any connections to help me do this?

Love the swag of this pose. This is what I would like, though I’m tempted to still put the thumbs up on the right hand.

Neil Armstrong in his space suit.


Planting trees in celebration of Gagarin and Glenn

Planting trees to celebrate American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts.